Personal Digital Security


Hackers Want Your Identity

Don't give up your identity without a fight.
With your stolen digital identity a hacker can:
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Steal your money, or other assets

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Ruin your reputation

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Trick friends and family, to steal their money

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Take out loans, or other debt, in your name

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Impersonate you online

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Modify important documents and records about you

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Share your intimate life with the world

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Make you a contributor to major attacks

It all starts with your main personal email address.  Once a hacker has access to your email account, a hacker can:
  • Reset your banking login details
  • Change your social media account details
  • Send emails to your friends and family, to look like it was you
  • Use your account, along with others, to launch large-scale attacks on companies or governments.
Your personal online identity is the gateway to who you are and what you have.  It deserves better protection than a free email service can provide.

Personal Digital Security Solutions for the Digital Age

Finally, there is an answer to the issue that we were never told we even had.  Designed by leading Information Security experts, you can now have the power of Enterprise-Class cutting edge digital security, leveraged to protect you at end user prices.

Create a personal or family digital security bubble to protect you and your loved ones, with a level of security that's appropriate to your personal risk, with your own personal Cyber Security team guarding over you.

Custom Identity

Secure Identity and Custom Messaging Solution for Everyone
Protect you and your family with a cost effective custom email and digital identity solution, designed with a low risk user in mind.  Deter Threat Actors by using modern Multi-Factor Authentication or Passwordless account control to ensure your online persona is secured against low to medium risk threats.  Ideal for users who operate mostly through mobile devices, with occasional personal desktop device usage.

Identity Defence

Comprehensive Digital Identity Security for Low Risk Users
Identity Defence takes our Custom Identity solution and elevates it with Risk-based account and sign-in monitoring for realtime protection against ongoing threats, Microsoft Defender for securing all of your devices, and advanced email security utilising Artifical Intelligence to detect email-based threats that traditional security mechanisms cannot protect against.  Ideal to protect you from all common threat vectors across mobile and desktop computing environments.

Digital Defence

Complete Digital Security for Medium/High Risk Personalities
Our advanced digital protection package is intended to protect those individuals and their families that are in the public eye, or otherwise may attract the attention of determined Threat Actors.  Taking our Identity Defence package and adding a Personal Security Specialist to tailor your solution to your specific needs, we will consult with you to understand how best to protect you from the digital threat landscape.  Protect your whole computing landscape with virtualisation technology, data protection and a customised hardening solution that will frustrate even the most capable of Threat Actors.  If you simply can't afford to allow the digital enemy to penetrate your fortress, this package is for you.

Total Defence

Your Complete Security Solution for High Risk Personalities
We have partnered with specialists in residential and personal physical security to deliver a complete and comprehensive all-in-one security solution for our highest profile clients.  Meet with one of our security consultants to discuss your requirements for this bespoke and comprehensive package.  Total digital security with your choice of home and personal security solutions including CCTV, Intruder alarm systems, Close Protection and Perimeter Security.  All delivered through a single service and support team dedicated to the safety of you and your family.

"I Have Nothing to Hide"

Many Identity Theft victims have nothing to be cautious of the outside world knowing about.  That doesn't stop them being targets for attack.  The greater your reputation or social standing, the greater value your identity has to a hacker.  It's usually nothing personal.  It's simply an effort vs. reward calculation.
"Will my effort of breaking into this identity yield rewards greater than the effort required?"
Most people have some value, either directly or indirectly.  By leveraging financial benefit, through Ransomware or other means, most users can be turned into an easy payday.  The trick is to tip the equation in your favour.

Your friends trust your social media accounts and email addresses when you send them messages.  Deception plays a large part of a hacker's toolkit.  Remember, you may not necessarily be their intended target.  You may be the easy way to approach who they really want, as a trusted friend.

"My Accounts Are Already Secure"

Modern technology gives us a wealth of easy to use measures to reduce the risk of compromise.

Is your password the same as you use for other websites?  If it is, and that other website has been the subject to a data breach, your password may already be for sale on the Dark Web.

Are you using 2 Factor Authentication?  This is a good feature, but not all 2FA solutions are the same.  Are you receiving number codes by email as 2FA verification, or for password resets?  What if your email address was already compromised?

Typical website security is insufficient, in its default form, to defeat a capable Threat Actor.