Penetration Testing

Assess your system's resistance to attack by leveraging controlled breach attempts by our team of ethical hackers

Our highly experienced team of Ethical Hackers can provide a security assessment of your new system, website or network by using the same breach techniques used by the world's best hackers, but with the confidence that you are in control.

Our specialist team of Ethical Hackers sign up to an ethical code of conduct, ensuring their skills and knowledge are used to benefit you; the customer.

After an initial consultation to understand the purpose of the test, the rules of engagement, and the timescales, our team will perform a series of assessments to attempt to breach your defences.  This can provide valuable information on residual risks carried by your business due to vulnerabilities that have been exposed to threats.  Risks can then be evaluated to form actionable corrective measures to reduce your risk and ensure your information and reputation remains intact.

Rules of Engagement can ensure that only passive, or non-destructive active techniques are used to ensure the uptime of live services and systems if they are the target of the test.  We recommend penetration testing for pre-production workloads to allow for the deepest testing regimes to be permitted, but live environment penetration testing is very common and can co-exist with ongoing services.


  • Comprehensive system/network assessment
  • Passive testing for live environments
  • Active testing for pre-production environments
  • Actionable results list
  • Blue Team training scenarios
  • Confidentiality assured


  • Understand your risk position
  • Provide objective evidence to stakeholders
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Assess your breach detection systems for effectiveness