Greater Productivity

Improved Security

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A range of business solutions to improve your effectiveness with a focus on Small and Medium Businesses.

Greater Productivity with Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 licensing provides your team with the tools and features they need to unlock their full potential with productivity features that go beyond standard Office products such as Word and Excel.

Provide real-time remote collaboration capabilities with the power of Microsoft Teams.  Add on with powerful call capabilities and turn your chat and video conferencing into a fully-fledged telephony system with advanced features like hunt groups and music on hold.

Supercharge your teams with SharePoint intranet sites and Teams channels to allow for centralised document and project collaboration.  Add to this a generous OneDrive allowance of 1TB of space per user for individual file storage, accessible securely from anywhere on the planet, and you enable your team to be world-beating.

Integrate Microsoft core business systems with advanced applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics for a fully integrated and connected CRM system for complete control.

Ensure you meet GDPR and other data protection regulations by having total control over the information in your organisation.  Data Loss Prevention and Data Classificiation features provides you with the confidence that your data will stay where it's meant to be, and your employees and partners can be confident that their Personal Information is safe in your hands.

Improved Security with Professional Services Offerings

We at Arcalis Services provide a number of Cyber Security Professional Services designed to remove the stress and worry of cyber threats of the modern world.  Whether this is a proactive service to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your business environment to prevent a cyber breach, or a reactive service to support you should the worst happen. 

Our qualified and highly professional staff have protected some of the most sensitive environments in the Country, and now offer their services to you, the Small and Medium business owner.  Their wealth of knowledge in cyber security can ensure you don't fall foul to cyber criminals.

Some of today's greatest risks to a business are realised through Cyber risk.  Loss of reputation can be difficult to recover from at a time when online reviews can make or break a business, while penalties for GDPR breaches can financially ruin even large businesses in a single event.

Improved Security with Secure Digital Identities

Your employee's digital identities are the gateway to your company secrets.  The number one mechanism for information breach events in a business involves digital identity theft.  Microsoft Azure can provide a robust identity platform that integrates with your line of business systems to secure your identities while improving ease of use for your staff.

Microsoft Azure is a FREE service that Microsoft provides, which can be unlocked with advanced identity protection features with cost-effective licensing that provides the control and visibility to be confident that your business information is secure behind your digital walls.

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Broader Visibility for your Business with Website Services

We provide a range of off-the-shelf products, as well as fully customisable products for improving the global presence of your business.  Whether you need a single page presence to provide baasic contact details, or a fully integrated eCommerce site with CRM integration, we can provide the services that you need to improve your presence, and therefore your potential to drive sales.

Start with a custom Domain Name that can be used to personalise your email addresses as well as providing an address for your website, and build from there.  We have partnered with some of the best website hosting providers available to bring you a carefully curated list of digital services to tend to the needs of a Small or Medium business, no matter what sector you operate in.

Need something bigger?  We can provide achitecture services to design and deliver a scalable cloud-resident server structure for any product or service that you plan to deploy.  We specialising in designing resilient, highly available web server solutions with a choice of database backends, secured by separated virtual networks and firewalls.  Using a Web Application Firewall at the front of your solution will ensure that it remains resistant to external attack while providing a resilient and available service to your customers.

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