High Security Web Hosting

Peace of mind at affordable prices

Three product ranges, one great service

From the one-person small business to the established medium enterprise, we have a secure hosting solution for you.
Use our cost effective shared hosting to get started, opt for a dedicated server cluster to build your established brand, or arrange for our Professional Services team to design your own private environment for high levels of control.

Shared Hosting

Enjoy a fully-managed service with your website on our highly secure server cluster, ensuring high uptime at a competitive price.

Quick and easy to deploy for new customers.  Be up and running in no time.

Ideal for small businesses or low volume websites handling customer data.

Starting from just £4.99/month.

Dedicated Hosting

The same great setup as our shared hosting, but the server environment is all yours.  Exclusive tenancy ensures all the resources on the server clusters are yours all of the time.

Ideal for high volume data sensitive websites or web apps where you still want us to fully manage the architecture.

Private Tenant

We build our secure and resilient web hosting solution into your own private Azure tenant; which we can set up if you don't currently have.

Keep for yourself, or sell on to your own customers.  The choice is yours.

Great for companies with their own technical team and a need for increased privacy.

Can you spot the difference?

The average hosting company server design is centred on cost effectiveness.
We are focused on ensuring your customers' personal data stays right where it belongs.

The Average Web Hosting Company

Our Web Standard Model

Our secure web server design not only ensures that your databases are never able to be directly accessed from the internet by an unauthorised actor, but our Intelligent Firewall protects from application-layer exploits, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting and HTTP request smuggling, to name but a few.

Our high availability design ensures a high uptime of your server while allowing us to patch the servers periodically to ensure risks from emerging exploits and threats are removed as soon as possible.

Our 24/7 intelligent monitoring and threat response systems ensure that our digital watchguards are on duty at all times of the day and night, protecting from problems and automatically rectifying issues while you sleep.

No other hosting company offers this level of customer assurance!

We're Here to Help

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